Our Philosophy

Our main objective is to help students who are having difficulty learning in a traditional school setting.

Our goal is to educate these students to reach their optimal academic and social levels of performance.

To accomplish this goal we believe the following:

  1. Education is a never-ending process. Education is a never-ending process and needs to be nurtured inside as well as outside the classroom.
  2. Parents are important. Parents are as important, if not more important, than the teachers, and we work to encourage close, supportive relationships among teachers, parents, and students. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the student's education through parent/teacher meetings and other activities involving both parents and students.
  3. Enthusiasm facilitates learning. To facilitate intellectual development, both students and teachers need to develop and share an enthusiasm for learning.
  4. Differences are accommodated. Every student is a unique individual and therefore progresses at a different rate. These differences are accommodated by the use of a wide variety of teaching methods and by developing enriching activities.
  5. Importance of high self-esteem. When a child has a high self-esteem, his/her academic progress takes place more naturally. We hold high expectations for students while providing for the development of their self-esteem and confidence. We carefully blend discipline with genuine concern for the well-being of each student.
  6. Teachers make a difference. Teachers can and do make a difference in the education of the students. We are able to work with and motivate students by being committed to the beliefs of the school.
  7. Teachers, parents and students need to work as a team. To be successful, we teachers commit to working cooperatively and creatively with parents and students to ensure the healthy growth and development of each student.