“There is no time to waste”

“The frustration a child feels when he or she is unable to keep up in school can lead to problems such as low self-esteem, low motivation and other emotional problems which can be avoided.

Something must be done and quickly.

Repeating a grade is not the solution. An individualized program is the only answer, and this can be found at the Judy Sharp International School.”

Our system

Our school is unique in Spain and, in fact, in Europe. It offers personal and specialized teaching in small groups of 3-8 students per class and an individualized program which give students a chance to achieve academic success.

Our students have a full time schedule from 9:30 to 15:15, with six periods of 45 minutes, and a lunch break. On Fridays, classes end at 12:50.

Art and Sports are the two subjects that bring the whole school together, and give an opportunity for students of different grades to interact.

Grades 6-8

For grades 6-8, we offer an individualized educational program, remedial in nature, building on the student's basic skills where needed, i.e. decoding, written expression, basic math skills, etc. The program also includes the core subjects of each grade such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Reading.

Our average ratio of teacher to student is 1:4; however, classes can be one on one when necessary.

In addition, we offer the possibility of using an accredited on-line home schooling program in school with the assistance of our teachers.

Grades 9-12

For grades 9-12 a fully accredited U.S. High School curriculum is used.

The graduation requirements are a minimum of 22 credits. Required units of credit include English (4), Math (3), Social Science (3), Science (2) and Careers (1). Among the elective units, students can study Introduction to Business, Sociology, Spanish II, Geometry, Ecology, American Literature, etc. Students can transfer credits satisfactorily completed in other schools. Upon completion of graduation requirements, a US High School Diploma is awarded.

Our graduates have attended institutions of higher education in the United States, England, Canada, Korea, Israel, Venezuela, and Switzerland, including The School of Visual Arts (New York), Hofstra University (New York), Lynn University (Florida), and in Madrid (Spain), Saint Louis University, Suffolk University, College for International Studies (CIS), and CEU San Pablo.

Our average ratio of teacher to student is 1:4; however, classes can be one on one when necessary.